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Exp: x120
Cap 140
Mastery: 420
Drop: x40
Alchemy Rate: x 1.2
Online Players: 419

KnightClub Tax 20%
SoulStealers Tax 20%
Constantinople - Disable
Revenge Tax 0%
Bandit - Disable
Revenge Tax 0%
Paragon Update #672
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Paragon Update #669
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Last 5 global on Server

ToReTTo : WTB O . G and WTS E , S
Vanillaa : WTB prem gold Pm offer
ToReTTo : WTB O . G talisman and WTS E , S
ToReTTo : WTS talisman ( S , R ) ,,,,,, WTB tlaisman ( B , O , G )
EKA0_SiNDAL : Wtb avtar F Wts Tailsman S
Paragon Update #672 ~ bibi_fr

Hello Revenge user,

This morning server when offline at ovh center so we decided to occuring a part of the update. the last part of this on will come saturday

Update feature

*Flame Captain Talisman Rate Increase
*Fixing some title name Who showing 0 whit bot
*Fix of Title Name In Npc (Viking)
*Fixing unique HP of Some unique event (Down HP -35% unique lvl 120-130-140)
*Adding Some Random position of the Real unique on Map
*Fixing Icon 2H Sword D17
*Correction notice BA and CTF to annouce Reward of them also
*Special Weekly Event Rate on FGW Flame Grade 4
*Fix Material Alchemy Drop in Temple Job
*Fix Material Element Show on Item
*Adding Glow Egy Set on Egy D17 Set Like original one
Paragon Update #669 ~ bibi_fr


A update Has been Occured on server.

update feature:

* Rguard Patch concerning Scroll back town, FTW Activity error and Delay extention to wait Client start to responding
* Tiket Stuff Item Mall to Change Every Of your Char Stuff armor to Pro, pro to Garment etc etc
* Fix of Red Remover Tiket (No more white stats deleted)
* Devil Spirit Magic Stone Trade Option enable
* Reduction of FTW Buff % - Adding new FTW Buff Option (lucky increase)
* Reativate Bandit FTW
* Temple limit increase to 4 Ip
* CTF and Battle Arena Participation give you a bonus RP now

Paragon Update #666 ~ bibi_fr

Hello everyone

*Adding New Fortress skill buff
*Adding CTF-ARena Buff War

*Correction of Some Build underworks

*Patching Rguard login Server and Rguard Game Server
*Job Temple Mob spawn increase
*Fixing Magic pop card Echange-stall able
*Talisman Rate D17 drop increased