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Exp: x120
Cap 140
Mastery: 420
Drop: x40
Alchemy Rate: x 1.2
Online Players: 445

The_Templars Tax 20%
KnightClub Tax 20%
Constantinople - Disable
Revenge Tax 0%
Bandit - Disable
Revenge Tax 0%
Paragon Update #655
Read more..
Paragon Update #638
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Last 5 global on Server

BloweR : WTB Lucky Steady Stone 17dg
WarthKnight : WTS Cross Bow D17 Moon .. WTB 2h Moon D17 .. WTB Shield Euro Moon D17 .. WTS Immortal D17 .WTS Prem
WarthKnight : WTB 2h Moon D17 .. WTS Prem .. WTS Immortal D17
BloweR : WTB light staff 17dg nova
HotDefendeR : WTT Light staff moon D17 for Blade Moon D17 Pm me
Paragon Update #655 ~ bibi_fr

Hello Revenge user,

We are happy to annouce your new update.

* Battle Arena Time change (Will be published in time)
* CTF Time Change (Will be published in time)
* Adding D17 Seal of Moon and Seal of Sun
* Replacing Stuff aquired by user D17 Nova to Sun
* Rewriting Entirely Temple job For matching whit Current Cap (Mob 135/140)
* Adding D17 Seal of Nova and Seal of Moon into Drop system
* Adding D17 Seal of Moon, Seal of Sun
* Adding D17 Jewel Seal of Nova and Seal of Moon into Drop system
* Adding D17 Jewel Npc Seal of Sun
* Fixing Some Skill Bug delay
* Adding New Event unique monster
* Removing Halloween Event (Letter will be delected)


Paragon Update #638 ~ bibi_fr

Hello revenge user,

A update has been occured

Time of Completion : 15mn

Update feature

* Fix Database Query Side whit FTW Registration
* Fix Tief Job Honor point
* Stack of Arena Coin (X20000)

Paragon Update #637 ~ bibi_fr

Update was completed

Time of Completion: 40mn

Update Feature:

* Angel spirit S Fix Skill
* Bard dance (Effect action)
* remove npc thief return scroll form npc and game
* Fix Behemoth ftw
* Reviewing Destination Rate of Gold (Trade)
* FTW Constantinople and Bandit close (Definitly removed form Game)
* Npc Manager (Registration) FTW will be placed at Alex north
* Registration structure to place on npc
* Element stack (x20000)
* Material element stack (x10000)
* Removing Reward of battle arena Works whit kill only now
* Adding Ip Check into Battle arena (Not to ban just to know)

FTW siege Time